About Us

National Petroleum Services Company (S.A.E),

Cairo, Zahraa Headquarters
Alexandria Free Zone
Our company was started in 1995 in Egypt, with three people setting out to form a new enterprise in oilfield services.  We saw growing demand and a great deal of potential.  We had a strong focus on our customers’ success, and a management style that has allowed the company to continue growing for 20 years.NAPESCO was originally the representation office for a number of oilfield-related companies, we then developed to produce our own tools and provide many services ourselves.  We set up a machine shop, producing tools, parts, equipment, repairs and tubing – and became the first and only local Fishing Tools Service company.   Since then, we have become ISO-certified, and  API-certified (American Petroleum Institute).  This certification shows we conform to some of the highest standards in the energy industry.We began to offer Downhole tools for rental such as, Jars, Shock Subs, Fishing Tools, Drill Pipe, Tubing, etc.  Our early customers needed flexibility in sourcing arrangements, from having tools custom made to renting equipment for a day.  We focused on providing a  service with local and regional expertise, equipment and resources.   This has made us very valuable to our customers’ operations.When NAPESCO was established, it was based on a Free Zone status which allowed us to operate Duty Free, and allowed quick transfers for moving equipment into and out of the country.  Customers then turned to us for broad capabilities and quality service.   We focused more and more on dependable, consistent service with fast turnaround – all for a very reasonable price.These offshore subsidiaries are now mostly self-sufficient, and still use NAPESCO companies for well-completion services and more.  We continue to supply equipment and services to many operators along with oilfield service companies that actually include our competition.  We have grown flexible relationships in our industry by starting out providing primary agency services to successfully competing with these and other major international players.