Sourcing is a strategic value for any E&P operation.  NAPESCO has made a reputation for the most dependable, accurate and timely sourcing in the region.  We did this by carefully building relationships in many related industries with people in all sizes of companies.


Wellhead / X-Tree / Mudline Suspension System / Templates

NAPESCO works on your behalf with the leading sources for these solutions.   We bring you duty-free sourcing of equipment and services.  We are thoroughly familiar with our all available offerings, their ordering and shipping times, and all contract details.


  • Wellhead Systems and Production Systems – Sub-sea / Platform / Land
  • Mud-line Drilling Template Systems
  • Mud-line Suspension Systems
  • Large Diameter Weld On Connectors
  • full range of Slab/Spilt Slab Gate Valves
  • Mobile Drilling Riser Systems
  • Sub-sea and Surface BOP Connectors
  • Deepwater TLP and SPAR Production Systems
  • Wellhead Cutting Re-Injection Systems

Telecommunication for the Oil Industry:

For all the necessary equipment and supplies for wireless and satellite communication needs we have developed relationships with a few select Middle East and International companies.

Instruments for Test, Measurement and Calibration:
We have arrangements with several companies to source state of the art instrumentation to measure, record, and control factors such as:


  • Air Velocity
  • RPM
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Flow
  • Sound/Light/Vibration
  • Pressure
  • Current / Voltage / Watts
  • Viscosity
  • Gases


These come from primarily, companies in our region.

  • Alphaltic Solvents such as Light, Normal and Heavy White Spirits
  • Aromatic Solvents such as Toluene, Xylene, Solvent Naphtha
  • Heavy Aromatics

Rubber Solvents

Dearomatised Kerosene used in oil-base mud drilling as a low toxic oil. (environmentally friendly)

Fiberglass Structures & Systems:

NAPESCO helps to deliver solutions from the world’s largest pultruder of reinforced plastic structural components and the USA’s largest precaster of polymer concrete products. Typical fabricated products include:

  • Buildings
  • Cable Tray
  • Handrail System
  • Raised Floor Systems
  • Platform and Walkways
  • Structures for water/waste water applications


Also for structures and components for offshore oil platforms, the quality companies NAPESCO works with are chosen based on their reputation for safety and availability of their product.


Compressor Spare Parts

NAPESCO works with the leading company in the USA in this area, to source a wide variety of high-quality parts.



NAPESCO has a long-standing relationship with an international company for these stocks,

Industrial and petro-chemical gate, globe, and check valves, in all sizes & pressure grades.


Heat exchangers, Air Coolers, and process equipment


Primarily UK companies.