Free Zone Stocks

These are examples of items, equipment and supplies that are currently kept in stock, for immediate access, duty free.  We stay ahead of our clients’ needs and we will source and stockpile to meet their needs.

Throughout the NAPESCO group, there are more stocks of a wide variety of materials, and our NAPESCO Group companies leverage their location and their transport network to meet the customers’ needs on time.


Sealant & Thread-Locking Compound –  Oil Country Tubular

Wide variety, including

  • Metal Free
  • No Lead
  • Zinc Base
  • Irish Copper

for all applications of Tubular. (Baker SPD)


BTE Choke Control Valve

With applications in:

  • Wellhead Control
  • Remote Control (actuated)
  • Gas Lift injection control valve
  • Pump start-up
  • Pump bypass control
  • Water and CO2 injection Wellhead control valve
  • Gas Plant flow control valve
  • Back pressure valve on bottom hole pump and others

For equipment in the above categories, NAPESCO sources primarily from Baker SPD.


Fluid End Expendable Pump Parts, Drill Pipe Float Valves

API Gate Valves including all the fluid end expendable parts for any oil industry pump.  NAPESCO works a leading manufacturer of Drill Pipe Float Valves and API Gate Valves that range 2″- 6″ up to 5000 psi.


Loss Circulation Mud Material

NAPESCO stocks products that are environmentally safe drilling chemicals, some with a blended mircronized cellulose fiber, specially designed to seal permeable formations and to seal depleted sands.

These Mud Materials are compatible with water-base or oil-base mud systems.  They prevent differential sticking, cure lost circulation and seepage loss, and reduce production formation damage.


Mud Chemicals

NAPESCO stocks specialized drilling mud additives that will improve any drilling completion operation.   We stock a compound compatible with all known drilling fluids systems. It is a siliconized graphite powder that when added to a mud system exhibits plastic and adhesive properties, effectively coating the borehole and all down hole tubulars with a water repellent, silicon-like film.

One Polymer NAPESCO stocks is  the industry standard drilling fluid viscosifier. It is a high molecular weight biopolymer designed to provide highly shear-thinning viscosity in water- based fluids.


F- General Supply House

We can source your equipment, spare parts and material that you request, either from the original manufacturer or after-market if required. Because of our Free Zone status, we can import your tools, supplies and equipment, and transport it to your site with no custom duties required, using safe reliable cost-effective shipping methods.