In our efforts to add value to the exploration efforts in the region, NAPESCO Libya was created to service the offshore market, with a focus on supply vessel operations.

This is transport for offshore rig provisioning, requiring reliable, on-time service.  Our processes and our network of NAPESCO companies along with our long track record of reliable sourcing bring the client what they need when they need it  –  and for the right price.

The NAPESCO model ensures accurate scheduling and outfitting of our vessels – for the safe transport of fuels, muds, heavy equipment and supplies.  We can source what you need at a fair price and get it out to the rig on time.

NAPESCO is presently establishing a presence in Libya’s oil and gas sector with a full-fledged downhole drilling service, which will include rental of downhole drilling tools, Fishing services, Liner Hanger services, Jars/Shock Tools services and a complete API-Certified Machine Shop.

We negotiate solutions across the many cultures of the region, and we have direct experience with harsh conditions and climate. NAPESCO Group companies are flexible, lean, and capable.