NAPESCO Saudi Arabia

National Arabian Petroleum Services Company S.A., is a service facility for oil and gas operations, that is strategically located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

We excel in the manufacture and repair of nearly all equipments and tools used in oil and gas exploration.This includes a wide range of equipment rental, transport, engineering, and recertification. Each category of our offerings is certified under different API Specifications.



We have 5 divisions:

Petroleum Division.

  • Rental of Jars, Shock Tools, Fishing Tools, Reamers and all needed materials to fully support exploration.

Transportation & Heavy Equipment Division.

  • Rig moving, heavy transport, and rental of heavy equipment.

Trading Division.

  • Supply of Drilling tools, Pumps, Solid Control Systems and associated spare parts

Industrial Division.

  • Engineering, Machining, Fabrication and recertification
  • Manufacture /Repair of a wide range of engineering items like Shafts, Pulleys, Gears, Spindles, Worms, Couplings, Rollers, Mandrels, Dies, Moulds, Lead Screws, and Auto Parts. Almost any part or assembly can be machined or fabricated as per customer provided drawings

We are managed by experienced, professional staff.  Our engineers and crews are some of the best in the industry.  We are equipped with the latest equipment and technology.   NAPESCO Saudi Arabia helps our customers meet the highest standards of safety, production and profitability by offering premium quality services and reliable, cost-effective solutions.

NAPESCO Saudi Arabia’s innovation and contributions to the energy industry are recognized throughout the Kingdom, and the world.   Our people are totally committed to meeting world-class standards of work excellence through continuous monitoring and improvement techniques in accordance with the latest Quality Codes and Technical Licenses from international standards organizations.

Drilling Chemicals Division.

  • NAPZAN-PR, is a premium grade industrial Xanthan gum used as a viscosifier in oil field drilling, workover and completion fluids. It is a high Molecular Weight Polysaccharide produced by fermentation of carbohydrate with Xanthomonas Campestris.
  • NAPZAN TECH. is a non dispersible technical grade Xanthan gum. It is used as a cost effective viscosifier in Water based drilling fluids.
  • NAP-PAC HV, is a high viscosity polyanionic cellulose (PAC) used as a fluid loss control additive for drilling fluids.
  • NAP-PAC LV, is a low viscosity polyanionic cellulose (PAC) used as a fluid loss control additive for drilling fluids.
  • NAPSTAR, is made from tapioca starch through pre-gelatinization and biocide treatment. When employed in water based Drilling Fluids it can reduce fluid loss efficiency. It is Shear resistant, Salinity Tolerant and due to biocide treatment, it can handle bacteria invasion. NAPSTAR is in full conformity with the specification for starch type drilling fluid additives stipulated by API 13 A.
  • NAPSOL-S, is a modified Sulfonated Asphalt. It is used in water based drilling fluids to reduce HPHT fluid loss and also act as a shale inhibitor and mud lubricant. It is readily dispersed in water and has the advantage of reducing torque and drag, building up a thin strong filter cake and inhibiting the dispersion of Drilled Cuttings.
  • NAPGEL-21, is an organically modified bentonite used as a gelling and viscosifying agent for primarily oil based drilling fluids.
    NAPGEL-21, organophilic clay is used in 2-10 lb/bbl range depending upon the desired viscosity properties and temperature. Maximum viscosity is normally attained after a complete circulation of the fluid through the bit.

NAPESCO Saudi Arabia’s five divisions help our clients across a very large territory.  We are tightly integrated with the other NAPESCO Group companies throughout the region to offer our clients, from the very large to the small operations, a true full range of support at very reasonable prices.